Allison and Frederick Thompson took ownership of Tribeca Health & Fitness in 2017 with the joint mission of creating a down-to-earth, accessible, and customer-focused community in the heart of Tribeca. Their unique, 360° approach to wellness, or “Lifestyle Optimization,” is informed by more than thirty years of combined personal training and health coaching experience, as well as their own unique backgrounds in anatomy and kinesthesiology (Allison) and clinical chemistry (Frederick).


At more than 10,000 square feet across three levels, and with areas dedicated to Hammer Strength machines, free weights, conditioning, functional movement, and rehabilitation, as well as fully-outfitted locker rooms, Tribeca Health & Fitness is the largest family-owned fitness facility in Lower Manhattan. But it’s much more than just a gym; it’s also a community of thoroughly vetted and trusted local wellness experts across all disciplines– independent trainers, health coaches as well as members of the Tribeca Wellness Group that include naturopaths, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and more –who can each be personally matched according to the individual needs of a specific client. 

While working towards her BFA in choreography and dance, with a focus on kinesthesiology, Allison Vernon-Thompson suffered an ankle injury requiring what would become a life-altering surgery. During her prolonged recovery process, Allison became her own health advocate. Combining her study of movement with her knowledge of human anatomy, she began seeking out alternative ways to heal her body. With a newfound passion for health and wellness, Allison soon became an ACE certified personal trainer and a New York Board-certified Health Coach. In addition to her work as a personal trainer, she is also a Total Health Immersion instructor, coaching Whole Foods employees and other retreat-goers on maintaining a healthful lifestyle. She has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Natural Body Building & Fitness, Self, and on NBC News.


Frederick is a lifelong athlete who excelled in karate and gymnastics as a youngster and began lifting weights at an early age. He graduated college with a degree in chemistry and, while working as a clinical chemist, he began training clients at his local gym in his spare time. His unique approach to wellness is the product of his two lifelong passions: exercise and science. By applying his clinical chemistry expertise, he is able to advise clients on a wide range of health issues, including disease prevention and management, metabolism optimization, and cutting-edge recovery techniques. He is Certified ISSA, a member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and a member of the National Society of Clinical Chemists.


With a focus on the specific needs of its community, Tribeca Health & Fitness is committed to taking part in a renaissance of independently owned and operated businesses in Lower Manhattan.



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