Guillermo Dominguez


I'm 27 years old, born and raised in NY. 

Fitness became a passion of mine at the early age of 6 when I wrestled for a kid league, later on I went on to wrestle at high school and collegiate level.

I'm very competitive and love improving both professionally and personally! 

I'm a big baseball fan, diehard Mets fan, not a Yankee hater, the Yankees are my second favorite team.

My favorite cheat-meal is Pizza!

Fun fact about me I was homeschooled until age 14, attended High School in Long Island, then went to college at Nebraska, and lived there for 5 years.


Education: university of Nebraska Major: Physiology and Sports Nutrition 2008-2012

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, RCK
Kettlebbell 1&2, Strong First L 1, Pre-Post Natal through NASM, Precision Nutrition L 1, Animal Flow

Work experience:
-Athletic trainer at the university 2010-2012
-Personal Training 2009-Present (8 years)
@ Equinox (July 2012- January 2016)

Functional training, injury prehab
and rehab, powerlifting, body weight training, bodybuilding.