Henry Medina 

Henry is a knowledgeable personal trainer, with the emphasis on "personal". He prides himself on collaborating with his clients to create individualized exercise programs, based on their needs, goals, abilities, and anatomy. Henry listens to each client and then combines that information with his expertise to give the client what he or she wants and needs. Clients stay with Henry because he encourages them with his energy and motivation. He creates an environment that whispers, "Trust me, I know you can do it", and simultaneously screams, "Come on, you can do it. Give me another one." 

Henry has followed in his father's footsteps as a competitive powerlifter. He has won several WNPF NYS championships and a Collegiate National Powerlifting championship. As a former competitive WNPF powerlifter and NPC bodybuilder, Henry has a wealth of knowledge and experience in achieving strength and muscular definition.  His passion is educating his clients and sharing this knowledge, empowering them to learn while getting lean and mean.

CERTIFICATIONS: AAPTE CPT-EFS Academy of Applied Personal Training Education, NCAA-Nationally Accredited, CPR/AED Certified