Jonathan Mullins


A native of Columbia, SC Jonathan grew up in a single parent household where his mother of three boys and two beautiful little girls raised them literally out of her bed. Jon had big dreams of being in the entertainment business and grew up always wanting to be a success for his mother so he could build her a dream house.

He then went to the military where he earned the name US Marine in 2001. After basic training where he broke records doing 100 push-ups in one minute, 27 pull-ups nonstop, and an extremely fast 5-minute mile. He then began his first year of college.  After his Marine corps influence, he became heavily involved in fitness where he worked as a personal trainer under the care and supervision of Tim French of Health Advantage. (Columbia, SC)

Early in 2006, he moved to the city of dreams, New York City. There he became officially certified as a personal trainer training at different facilities throughout his career. With the help and guidance of CEC's (Continuing Education Courses), he has learned an extensive amount of skills and techniques including (SMR) (Self-Myofascial Release), to Muay Thai Kickboxing to enable his training to be fun motivational and hardcore!  He debuted in his first ever infomercial for the Ab Coaster that aired in the United Kingdom.

Excited about new opportunities and job offers, Jonathan very soon started to make a name for himself.  He also had an opportunity to shoot with Adidas (King of the bounce) (Sports Center, NYC) Almost immediately, he was flown to LA to shoot with Dodge.  Shocked and inspired by the opportunity, the young trainer/actor/music producer saw a bright future before him with promises of more exciting things to come.