At Tribeca Health & Fitness, we understand personal training better than anyone else in the business.  Through our owner curated personal trainer matching process, we will assess your goals and analyze your health history to find the very best fitness professional for your own unique needs.  With nearly 200 of the city’s top independent personal trainers in our database, nobody has a wider selection of thoroughly vetted and tested fitness experts at their fingertips.  


While trainers at large gym chains tend to be either new to the field and woefully inexperienced or the product of a single-minded corporate culture, the independent personal trainers we work with come from a wide range of diverse backgrounds with experience across a multitude of disciplines and modalities.  The vast and varied expertise they offer is unmatched anywhere else, and if we don’t personally think they’re amazing at what they do, they don’t make it into our database.  Period.  


In other words, no matter what you’re looking for in a personal trainer we have the perfect person for you.  And if you ever want to try someone new, for any reason at all, we will make the swap for you – ensuring a completely comfortable and seamless transition.  


All you have to do to get started is click here, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a brief phone call to discuss your needs and desires and also send you a health history assessment form to fill out.  That’s it!  We’ll take care of everything else.  Personal Training Rates start at $120 per session.

Optimize your life through fitness with our personal training packages. 

Allison Vernon- Thompson 

Frederick Thompson 

David Beltram

Hilary Loftus

Zach Yurcisin

Guillermo Dominguez


Robert Leaks

Phillip Morrison

Adam Daredia

Jonathan Mullins

Henry Medina

Kimberly Stoeckley

Allira Case

Damian Bailey

Optimize your life through fitness with our personal training packages. 

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