At first, I was looking to develop some athleticism and rehab some issues I had with my back and shoulders. Once the training accomplished that, I set a goal of increasing muscle and strength, maintaining flexibility and incorporating conditioning.


Training has helped me to be much healthier in terms of overall health as well as physicality. My yearly physicals and blood work have shown a marked improvement in areas including heart rate, cholesterol and other key indicators of overall health as a result of exercise, nutrition and supplements. Appearance-wise, I am the most muscular, lean and injury free. And while I may have had a bit more energy when I was in my 20s, I can lift more and push my conditioning more than I ever have. 


This place is a great gym. I've been a member for two years now. The staff is friendly and the equipment is always clean and working. It's low key, so you won't find yourself waiting to use equipment.  You can work out by yourself, but they also have a small staff of personal trainers. They're always friendly, and have no problem giving work out tips. Just ask them. 
The locker rooms and showers are spotless. I've belonged to a lot of gyms over the years, and this place is my

favorite. - Vic F. 

I am new to this gym and I LOVE it! The owners Allison and Frederick are amazing, super experienced, and always happy to share their knowledge. Literally, they are the best trainers I've ever worked with. Their staff is super friendly and helpful too. I never have to wait for machines and I'm able to get my workout in pretty quickly.  - Nicole J


Fred Thompson has had tremendous impact on my life!  I have worked out with personal trainers for twenty years, but Fred has been the best!  The reason for this is that he is the “dream” of what you think of as the perfect personal trainer.  Though many profess to personalize your workout, give attention to your specific needs, etc.  that hasn’t in fact been my experience.  On the other hand, working with Fred, he has keyed into what I need to pay attention to and he records my progress so that there is no “guesstimate” of how I am doing.  In addition Fred is always on the leading edge of knowing what is available in the research end of the fitness world and continues to change it up to incorporate the most successful strategies, and keep it interesting.  Two years ago, my physician told me I needed to pay attention to my diet because though I was not gaining weight, my blood work showed I had an increasing tendency to having too much sugar being metabolized (thin and pre diabetic).   Fred offered to help me in this regard, and though I was skeptical, he assured me I could turn this around in one month.  I heeded his coaching, and was retested 30 days later.  To my surprise and delight, I no longer had any issues.  Since then, I have continued to feel great, have more energy, look better and train better.  I am very much into health, science, and nutrition, and find Fred is always the most knowledgable guy in the room!  My husband and I feel so fortunate to know him and his fabulous wife Alison!  We credit the Thompsons with truly changing our lives! - Susan Sparber

I was at a nearby Equinox for a few years and got frustrated with the “scene,” especially people socializing in the training and stretching areas. I also did not use the spa. So, I looked for a simpler place to train. Upon touring Tribeca Health & Fitness, I was immediately impressed by the amount as well as the overall condition of the equipment and the locker room. As soon as I joined and started training, I was pleasantly surprised by the other clients and the staff who were friendly but also respectful of my space.

-Adam Ames 

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